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Smart Guide to DJ Shopping How to Shop for a Wedding Disc Jockey Wedding DJs are often technician and host, and many are entertainers. The challenge is to find the right fit.  There are often special moments during your reception that require good timing and well received music, and amid all the charged emotion, your DJ will be responsible for making it all tasteful, engaging, memorable, and entertaining.  Continue Reading... Wedding Specialist..? Think again Why a fresh perspective is the better choice No doubt you should seek out an experienced DJ who’s both mature and informed about wedding events and here with tongue in cheek I illustrate why the best experience would be measured both in quantity and diversity.nsible for making it all tasteful, engaging, memorable, and entertaining.  Continue Reading... iPod: Your Digital DJ How to Start the Party with Your Hi-Tech Gadgets It can be the perfect solution for many kinds of gatherings. Modern audio-visual and IT equipment is self-detecting, making your experience literally just plug and play. However, there is still plenty of older legacy systems out there and if you are connecting with other people's gear you'll need to be adequately prepared. To make these connections you may need some pointers.   Continue Reading... DJ Horror Stories Exorcise the Haunting Sales Hype Shopping for the right DJ can be tricky. Prices are all over the place and the cast of characters themselves represent both heaven and hell. How do you know what’s a fair price for a great disc jockey?  Grab your wooden stake and let’s debunk some of the most common recurring nightmares.  Continue Reading... Booking The Entertainment What to Look for in the Fine Print The form you sign when hiring a disc jockey or band is a sales agreement that confirms your intent to purchase and explains the terms under which those services are rendered. Most sales agreements are written entirely by the vendor and may seem rather one sided. However, there are always certain implied consumer rights associated with every sales transaction and you can protect yourself by understanding what to look for  Continue Reading... Music Copyright What Does it Mean for Your Event? Think about the songs that fill your iPod or that DJs and bands might play at a wedding or other event. What can or can't you legally do with this material and who is responsible for what?   Consumers, businesses, and disc jockeys without any formal copyright education are often left wondering what it all means in everyday practice. Continue Reading...
About the author Bob Moffett is a disc jockey and event professional with  nearly 30 years experience with both private and corporate special events, night clubs, and audio-visual presentation services in the greater Boston area.
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