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Privacy Policy
We respect your privacy whether you're a first-time visitor or a dedicated customer. We do collect information from you, but our policy is to ensure that all personal information remains private to the extent that customers and visitors wish it to remain private. To earn your trust and confidence in our site, we are disclosing our privacy practices and the uses of the information we gather. A link to this privacy notice is on all pages where we collect personal identifying information. Our use of personal identifying information will be consistent with this Privacy Notice.  If you have questions regarding this Privacy Notice, please contact us.  How we use your information Proformance collects information from all visitors to our site, including IP address, operating system, and browser software. Using your IP address, we can determine your Internet Service Provider and your geographic location. This information reflects the population as a whole rather than individuals, and we use it to identify popular areas on our website, browser design considerations, and the effectiveness of our pages. Proformance does not collect or store the e-mail addresses of people who communicate with us via e-mail; we use the addresses only as needed to respond to customer requests. Information collected through online forms Personal identifying information which includes: home or other physical address, phone number, and other information you may submit using one of our on-line forms will be used only for the purposes stated at the location of the collection, and/or within this Privacy Statement. We collect this information at various locations throughout the site, including: information request forms, booking requests, reception planners, and emails. When we collect personal identifying information, you will always have the choice of whether or not to provide it. However, you may not be able to receive certain information or services without providing the information requested. We use this information only for our own administrative purposes and sales response. We do not collect information for marketing purposes, resale, distribution or use by any third party. External Links We do not control the acts of other web sites or web hosts. You should be aware that when you click on links or ad banners that go to other sites not operated by Proformance, these outside parties may have different privacy policies. If you are asked to divulge personal identifying information at any point outside Proformance, please be aware that privacy policies other than our own may apply to the collection and use of that information. Proformance does not control and does not assume any responsibility for any actions of third parties sites.
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