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Select a song from our extensive karaoke collection and then step into the spotlight while the television screen cues you with lyrics. You are the star (at least for the next few minutes) while you and your friends perform a personalized rendition of your favorite song! Okay, so we haven't heard you sing, and we’re not sure how many fans you have but, with our help we know you'll look and sound marvelous! Thousands of popular songs are included and singing along is as easy as following the bouncing ball. Karaoke is great entertainment all by itself or can also be combined with other entertainment, promotions, contests, and team building activities. In whatever way you choose to perform it karaoke is just plain fun! Use karaoke between live entertainment sets, with a DJ, in talent shows, or just for short programs and cocktail hours. Summer barbecues, pool side parties, family and holiday gatherings - any place there's an audience you can be a karaoke star! You won't find a better deal or more complete professional solution anywhere else. We can set you up with a professionally hosted solution and a complete Vegas style lounge, or a simple rental system for small parties. Call now find out more about the right solution for your event!
Karaoke: ”KJ” disc jockeys to host all types of events.
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KARAOKE Sing-a-Long Entertainment
Karaoke  competitions make great team building or employee morale programs.  Use it to promote awareness, or introduce new ideas. The “buzz” of your own Pop Idol contest can be the vehicle to get your message heard and retained. Social and holiday occasions are also a great place to add karaoke. Our rental systems are perfect for smaller intimate gatherings and occasions where bands and DJs would be overwhelming or well outside of an appropriate budget. Our collection includes many thousands of songs and we’ll even add your requests if not already included.  Download a sample list of  songs by clicking below:
Karaok Song List STAR POWER 2013
Karaoke Pop Idol
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