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There are many reasons to makes us the choice for your next event but, our customers tell the real story. Among many testimonials is this favorite (see panel at right.) The bride who authored it unsolicited happens to illustrates perfectly our mission: We want you to be confident and assured throughout the entire process - well before your event date arrives. Our mission is to see that you have the time of you life! We want your event to be a memorable success for everyone involved. We want everything to proceed and execute flawlessly. But, behind all of that is a simple goal that this couple was so kind to recognize: that the real success is knowing all along you have a winning team and plan. You have many choices for disc jockey entertainment. We want to be your best choice. We help numerous repeat and new clients each year produce outstanding celebrations, galas, presentations, and meetings. The diveristy of our event experience produces DJs with much broader exposure and the insight to be more creative and effective producing the results you want with unique style and taste. If you're planning any type of private or corporate event and want to make music and/or video a part of it, then don’t wait - call now and make Proformance a part of your team.
You’ll love us long before your event.
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Testimonial “Just wanted to say: thank you for a job well done, we were very happy with your work. We’ve received many compliments on the music at the wedding from people of all ages. Everyone seemed to have a great time. We were especially pleased with how you incorporated our requests, and even worked in the song recorded by our friend's band! The transitions between songs were seamless and we always felt the music you were playing was appropriate to what was going on and to the general "mood" of the guests. After our initial meeting, and at the reception when you were organizing everyone for our grand entrance to the ballroom, we felt assured and confident that you were on the ball and taking care of everything. This feeling of confidence is so encouraging to a bride and groom who have so many things to think about on that day. Thanks again, for providing us with great service and an fun evening filled with meaningful music! Sincerely, Renèe and Jeremy
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