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I'm getting married and want the DJ to record a CD of our wedding music for guests to take as as a wedding favor. Can you do this? If the music you seek is commercially available we cannot record or copy those selections for you without the express written consent of the copyright holder(s). You are perfectly within the law to have any music selections played or performed at your event, however we will not record and distribute that program. If you have an original or personal work we can produce copies of that material for you to use or distribute to your guests. This can also include copyrighted works for which you have obtained the appropriate permissions or license. If you own a work which is no longer commercially available, and is contained in an obsolete format (vinyl, tape, etc.) we can for the sole purpose of performing that work at your private event transfer the selection to a DJ friendly format. There is no fee for this service, provided only to make possible performance of the work by one of our DJs at your event.   I'm having a friend sing at my wedding. Do you have an instrumental or karaoke version of the song that we can make a copy from? Karaoke discs are copyrighted works and we do not make duplicates or copies. We can provide complete karaoke service, or simply play an instrumental of the song you require as part of our DJ performance. We do not however, provide singers or others with copies of instrumental music derived from karaoke discs. Our company has an annual sales meeting. Can you make an edited copy of a song to use for a special purpose? Our DJs can edit most musical selections to conform to your particular needs. The edit is for the purpose of the DJ performing the work only.  To use the edit in another manner such as video soundtracks or commercials you must obtain the approprate licenses. Note that if your company event is not a closed meeting, but rather a public sales or recruitment effort, you may be required to obtain copyright clearance and be subject to royalty fees for any copyrighted music performed. This includes any music used in live or recorded video and computer presentations. I'm an aerobics instructor. How can I get a mixed tape made of songs I'd like to use for my exercise classes? We do not produce mixed tapes or other recordings for instructional use. Commercial and educational instructor's can obtain music recordings produced expressly for this purpose by contacting a legitimate music subscription service specializing in aerobic or exercise instruction. Note that these subscriptions are for live instruction onlyand that to embed the music in a video program requires additional licensing.  
Copyright F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions about copyright and our DJ’s music
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